For a client company, Value Extraction crafted an Intellectual Property (“IP”) protection policy and then created a 10-page comprehensive brochure for the client management to communicate this policy to all employees…including existing ones and new hires. Subsequently, Value Extraction licensed the right to use and sell the copyrighted material and offers this brochure for sale to all interested companies and organizations.   Several companies have been very satisfied with their purchase.

For the price of $500, Value Extraction will craft a similar brochure that can be tailored to specific company needs and wants.  Further, as was done by the initial client, Value Extraction helped introduce this new policy brochure by conducting an IP
commercialization workshop to ensure that there is an understanding by all employees of the importance and opportunities of protecting and leveraging the company’s Intellectual Assets (including all IP and written know-how).

Summary of the Brochure

The ability of TBD COMPANY Inc. (“TBD COMPANY”) to sustain and grow the business depends greatly on our ability to innovate and to leverage our knowledge. Without innovation, TBD COMPANY would not be able to create competitive advantages and thereby secure new business relationships. At the crux of this innovation is a critical need to protect TBD COMPANY Intellectual Property (“IP”).

As such, it is important that all TBD COMPANY employees understand what IP is and the appropriate steps needed to
ensure that the company has all of its IP rights protected. Doing so can enable TBD COMPANY to exclude other companies from using TBD COMPANY inventions. Additionally, those rights may provide TBD COMPANY with protection from other companies from asserting claims against TBD COMPANY.
Following provides TBD COMPANY’s IP Policy, with the attached paper providing the details of these policies:

  • Patents…all inventions must be disclosed as soon as possible…i.e., when the TBD COMPANY employee(s) understand what they have created…to the President of TBD COMPANY and all TBD COMPANY employees to maintain detailed, dated logs of their work.
  • Copyrights…all company documents that will be viewed by a non-company party will have the appropriate copyright designation on all pages and all company documents that will be used in the public domain be registered with the Library of Congress.
  • Trade Secrets…TBD COMPANY employees will use all reasonable actions to keep trade secrets SECRET.
  • Nondisclosure Agreements (“NDAs”)…when an TBD COMPANY employee is in a situation when he/she is expected to divulge a trade secret and/or other confidential information, that employee will secure a Nondisclosure Agreement-“NDA”.
  • University Relationships…TBD COMPANY will obtain an “embargo” of public disclosure of TBD COMPANY
  • proprietary information that can be lifted only by written approval of TBD COMPANY management or after an agreed-on time period.
  • Employee Contracts with TBD COMPANY…all new employees will sign an employee contract.
  • Unsolicited Ideas sent to TBD COMPANY…TBD COMPANY will not accept unsolicited ideas from outside parties without first requiring that party to sign a Nondisclosure Waiver (“NDW”).
  • Respecting the IP of Others…TBD COMPANY will not knowingly infringe the Intellectual Property rights of others.

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