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Henry E. Fradkin is the founder and principal of Value Extraction LLC, which is a veteran-owned consulting company offering services related to commercializing IP and technology.  Value Extraction clients include Fortune 500, smaller firms, government agencies, and law firms.  His services include conducting workshops on IP commercialization strategy, working with clients to improve their effectiveness in monetizing their intellectual assets, guiding them on patent and other IP sales arrangements, and brokering selected IP portfolios. 

In particular, Mr. Fradkin continues to provide several important IP strategic and tactical services for his clients, including conducting his IP commercialization workshop to several leading manufacturing companies to accelerate their technology transfer efforts, participating as an expert witness in how licensing is done in the auto industry related to a patent infringement case (his clients, the defendants, won), and providing advice on improving the effectiveness of technology transfer to several client companies and, on a pro bono basis, to several start-up companies being sponsored by the US Missile Defense Agency (For 17 years, Mr. Fradkin has been on an “informal” board of directors that work with such companies to move them off the government funding into becoming a commercial entity).  He also has successfully brokered the sale of patent bundles on behalf of several clients. 
Since 2009, Mr. Fradkin also has formed a partnership with a former senior level product and manufacturing engineer who had a long career at Ford.  As such, they are successfully commercializing several driveline and powertrain-related technologies and redesigns...see the New Technologies tab.  All of these are either already patent protected or are patent pending in the US and abroad.  Mr. Fradkin is a co-inventor of US Patent No. 8182351 "Universal Joint Assembly for an Automotive Driveline System" and also is a co-inventor on a patented technology US Patent Number 9381557 and patent-pending WO2013138806 "Method for Forming an Integrated Yoke and Driveshaft" and is an inventor on several other patent-pending applications.


Mr. Fradkin was selected to be one of the world's leading IP strategists by Intellectual Asset Magazine each year for the past five years in the 2009-2013 period.  

Prior to being a consultant, he worked for Ford Motor Company for almost 31 years and retired in early 2002. In 1997, he founded Ford’s first dedicated business office for extracting value out of Ford’s technology and business intellectual assets and was its first director until he retired. Mr. Fradkin also created and initiated: a patent donation program, addition of commercialization opportunities to joint development arrangements, and starting up new companies based on Ford IP.  During his career at Ford, he held several different senior executive level positions related to product, business, strategic, technology, and marketing planning.  Mr. Fradkin has a M.S. in Management from the Sloan School at M.I.T. and a B.S. in Engineering (specializing in Materials) from Brown University.  He has been a speaker at several major forums (e.g., the Conference Board), published many articles on IP licensing in les Nouvelles and other magazines,  had selected articles reprinted in other languages around the world, participated on several licensing-related panels, and has been the subject of nearly 30 benchmarking projects by other companies.  Mr. Fradkin also was honorably discharged from the Army National Guard.

Note: A complete resume/CV is available upon request.
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