Examples of Projects

  • Conduct IP & technology commercialization workshops…can be half-day or whole-day:
  • Present a 4-6 unit workshop covering IP/IA terms, technology commercialization strategy, best practices to closing a deal, sale of patents, and business methods commercialization
  • Lead interactive discussions plus, if desired, a mock negotiation.
  • Mine the IP portfolio to identify new value extraction opportunities:
  • Work with client’s people to create an inventory of marketable IP and IA.
  • Develop a process on how to identify technology commercialization opportunities.
  • Extract value out of the IP/IA portfolio:
  • Provide deal-making guidance, including specific tactics in licensing-out technologies.
  • Lead or supporting deals to sell an organization’s Intellectual Assets.
  • Establish a new office or activity or improve the effectiveness of an existing office by providing all or selected services listed below:
  • Create vision of success, mission, values, and guiding principles.
  • Establish strategies to meet the vision.
  • Craft a business plan.
  • Conduct benchmarking of key companies with successful licensing programs.
  • Craft a comprehensive IP protection policy for the organization, including a brochure to communicate the policy to all employees.


Provide high-quality, timely, hands-on guidance to any organization that wants to establish or improve the effectiveness of its technology licensing office, identification of best strategies and tactics to extract value out of its Intellectual Assets (“IA”), and direct support for the licensing out or sale of selected Intellectual Property and technologies.

Value Extraction’s Focus

  • Work with clients to guide their development of Intellectual Property ("IP") strategies, tactics and policies needed to commercialize their Intellectual Assets; i.e., patents, copyrights and trade secrets/know-how.
  • Conduct IP & Technology Commercialization Workshops to provide best practices for implementation.
  • Lead or guide efforts to license or sell Intellectual Assets for a wide range of technologies and industries, including automotive and nonautomotive product, manufacturing and software, including vehicle drivetrain technologies co-owned by Value Extraction and its partner Szuba Consulting, Inc...see the New Technologies tab.

Why Use Me?

I am a seasoned veteran of IP and technology monetization with a proven track record of success, having personally closed nearly 50 deals while at Ford and successfully facilitated the purchase of several client bundles of patents. I established and led the successful technology commercialization office for Ford Motor Company.  Before retiring at the end of 2001, I worked 30-1/2 years at Ford, holding senior executive positions in licensing, product planning, strategic planning, and technology planning activities.  Since January 2002, I have established a small but successful practice in helping my clients progress towards their objectives relative to their commercializing and monetizing their Intellectual Assets.  Intellectual Asset Magazine has selected me as one of the world's leading IP strategists each year for the past six years during the period 2009-2014. I am an internationally recognized leader in the field of licensing as evidenced by my being benchmarked nearly 30 times by organizations working to establish or improve their licensing activities. I have published articles in the industry professional magazine, including les Nouvelles and other magazines both in the US and abroad in their native languages and have been the subject of several interviews and books.   

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Henry E. Fradkin,

Principal, Value Extraction LLC

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